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So in the spirirt of our Post-Humanism session and its Other embracing community here is an art exhibition/symposium that I thought could be interesting and relevant to the things we’ve been reading about. Cyborgs, mud controlled computers, living architecture, rain-words and many more hybrids galore.


“Technology was the means by which we separated ourselves from nature, and escaped its limitations. In the 21st century we move beyond the animosity between nature and technology. In a lot of areas we see new fruitful collaborations and new kinds of unity: in our dealings with the environment en with energy, but also in arts, architecture, fashion and games.

What will this transnatural world look like? Is this a next evolutionary step, or merely a changed perception of ourselves?

Multiplex Transnatural is the first of two exhibitions with symposia. Transnatural will show to young and old the most interesting attempts from art, design, and science to fuse technology with nature. A glimpse of a new and rich world with transnatural architecture, installations, games and more.”

You can see the program here. The symposium, where the lectures and master classes are given, is on March 13.

And in the spirit of both Precarity and Community:

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